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    08 Aug '06
    04 Oct '07 07:12
    In info div (on the main page) can you display:
    - my name and the name of opponent
    - the list of pieces non on the board
    - the fen string

    excuse me for my bad english

    thank you
    A. B.
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    08 Aug '06
    04 Oct '07 07:391 edit
    Some more ...
    - in main page (inbox) can you display the days per move. and timebank of any game because when i receive an invite to play i need go to main board to see if the time is good for me.
    - in little boards of games played can you display the list of the pieces out?
    - in inbox display the rating of my opponent
    - some times (1,2,3 times for year) create a tournaments between the 16 player (not subscriber) with the most number of moves (only one chance for player) where we can try tournaments
    - the last one ... the name of the nation in alternate of the flag of player
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    31 Jan '07
    05 Oct '07 10:17
    I think this posting was meant for Site Ideas - can somebody please move it?