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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member Eldaveer
    Drama Pawn
    07 Jun '08 15:41
    I find myself wanting to sort my games list by "Time", but that isn't an option. I would humbly suggest this be added as an option.

  2. Standard member emanon
    08 Jun '08 19:26
    press those two little squares next to '# games waiting'
  3. Standard member Eldaveer
    Drama Pawn
    09 Jun '08 00:46
    Thanks much for the reply, but that doesn't work for me. Here are the column headers:
    Game Id
    Last Move
    Game Name

    It is not possible for me to click on the last 3 headers; doing so does nothing. The first 6 headers are blue, underlined text, and can be clicked on to sort by that. But not Action, Time, or Game Name.

    To me, Time remaining would be the most valuable sort, and I can't do it.
  4. Standard member emanon
    10 Jun '08 11:10
    No, press those two little squares next to # of games waiting in the top right of your browser, next to log out and right above the sieges button!
  5. Standard member Eldaveer
    Drama Pawn
    10 Jun '08 11:44
    Ah, I see what you're talking about now. Duh. Thanks. Yeah, that's helpful, but I would still prefer to have my list of games come up ordered by time remaining.
  6. Standard member Ichibanov
    King of slow
    11 Jun '08 16:50
    Seconded, although I've found that sorting by 'Alert' helps a lot.