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Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member drewfair
    Drew Fair
    24 Aug '07 05:03
    i think perhaps time out's should be played thus:the player waiting is given the option to delete the game, this takes points from the timed out player but adds none to the "winner" therebye not falsly adding to there ratting but penalizing there opponant for not moving within the agreed time. just an idear that seems fare all round, ps sorry about the spelling dyslexik or just thick im not shaw, but wouldent spell check be handy on this site. Drew...
  2. Subscriber coquette
    Already mated
    24 Aug '07 05:16
    that is a good idea and completely fair.
  3. 24 Aug '07 05:21
    Originally posted by coquette
    that is a good idea and completely fair.
    not fair if the guy who won by timeout has a clear lead in position and/or pieces
  4. Subscriber coquette
    Already mated
    24 Aug '07 05:58
    true enough, but then he doesn't really need to take the skull, right? he can just wait for the clock to run out. i realize that this is irritating, but everyone in RHP seems split on this, so i've just moved on and decided to be at peace now with anyone who is playing any way they want to.
  5. 24 Aug '07 06:25
    Originally posted by coquette
    but then he doesn't really need to take the skull, right? he can just wait for the clock to run out
    sorry...i'm lost...

    isn't the skull only appears when the clock runs out?
  6. 24 Aug '07 08:02 / 1 edit
    The skull shows when the opponent is out of time (and he is not on vacation). When the skull shows, it is clickable, perfectly within the rules, and the opponent has lost his game.

    Keeping the thinking time is a part of chess, and agreed upon when the game starts. Failing to do so gives the other player the right to skull the player out and collect the win.

    This has nothing to do with who is about to win if the game continues.
  7. 25 Aug '07 12:07
    the post is an excellent idea. In my experience it is not uncommon in tournaments for the skull to appear when playing against 2000+ players (and of course weaker players) and so I am faced with a lose/lose situation - artificially inflate my rating which I am (probably misguidely) using to track my performace, or else risk the player resuming play with a ridiculously low rating... so yes, I agree - option to end the game, penalise the timedout player but give the winner the choice of the points.
  8. Standard member Ramned
    The Rams
    25 Aug '07 12:25
    I think there should be a 3 way option when a timeout arises.

    1 - win
    2- draw
    3- delete

    I don't like to inflate my rating and overrate myself. There are others like me who would delete it or keep playing, or draw, if it was drawish.