1. Standard memberDeepThought
    Losing the Thread
    27 Oct '04
    18 Mar '07 16:07
    It would be nice if it were possible to view the board position of the games from tournaments in a mini-board from the tournament page, like in the sieges and on the mygames page through an "info" link. Currently in the cross-tables there are just the number of moves made, or a blob to show the result, you can click on this to get to a particular game; but typically I'm just interested in a quick look to see what is happening in the other games, not in the entire history of what happenned which means navigating back and forth a lot.

    One way of doing this would be to have the clickable link get up a mini-board, and the link to the game history could be in the mini-board so if someone thought it was interesting then they could look further. This avoids cluttering the crosstable with links.