1. Subscribercoquette
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    Omaha, Nebraska, USA
    04 Jul '06
    08 Dec '12 07:16
    Why not enhance the tables for us? How complicated can it be?

    (1) Highlight our own names on the table so that when we scroll down we can find our results without searching every name

    (2) Ideally, color code or indicate in some way whether we have already lost or are still active (it doesn't have to be sophisticated - it could just indicate tournaments where we finished our games and have lost and aren't progressing)

    (3) Why not provide an option to either highlight the tournament or dim it or even just hide it from our view?

    Why should we have to keep a piece of paper with numbers on it? This seems like it should be easy for our code monkeys to do.

    Why bother? Because someone asked!