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  1. Subscriber invigorate
    Only 1 F in Uckfield
    25 Sep '05 22:36,,2-1791058,,00.html

    This 100 minute bible written in modern language that has been published this week, is probably the best thing the christian church has done in the last 5 years.
  2. Standard member UmbrageOfSnow
    All Bark, No Bite
    26 Sep '05 03:09 / 1 edit
    A 35 page booklet from the National Academy of Sciences on why scientists go with evolution over creation and what it is. Buy both of them and you can summarize most of the argument in this forum in about 2 hours of reading. Actually by both and you can make up your mind without resorting to reading internet drivel and will proably have a better understanding of both sides than 3/4 of the people on here.