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    22 Mar '07 10:18
    I'd like to read the story of people who STOPPED believing in god.

    1. What changed your theism into atheism?
    2. Was it a painful experience, to learn that there is no 'protector', no afterlife, etc.? Perhaps it was a happy and liberating experience?
    3. How do you look back on the time that you were a believer? Were you naieve, a fool, deluded? Do you regard theism as a 'bad' thing now?
    4. Is your life more fulfilling now that you are an atheist? Do you miss god?
    5. When you were a believer, did you ever experience something like 'the presence of jesus or god'. How do you look back on these experiences?
    6. You do not believe in god anymore. How would you now define a believer?
    7. As an atheist do you feel you are more open-minded?

    I'm interested to read your answers because you have been both an atheist and a theist: you know both sides of the story. I think atheists and theists have a real problem understanding eachother (I read a lot of fruitless discussions on this forum, yes/no discussions going in circles, etc.) and apostates may be able to help to clarify things a bit.


    P.S. I'm fairly new on this forum. I appologise if this subject has been discussed before ...........