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    "Chance of A Lifetime"

    You've Placed Third in an Unprecedented Worldwide/Cyberspace Lottery Sponsored by a Major Cathedral in Europe. Your Prize, "One Question Without Restriction on Length on Any Topic Beneath or Above the Sun": God Will Provided an Honest, Factual Answer in the Time of His Choosing. Second Place Prize goes to FMF, who now has the "Privilege of Posing Three Questions to God" (First/Middle/and Final as long as this thread lives and FMF shall post). The Coveted First Place/Top Prize in the Cathedral's 2013 Lottery goes to Sumydid who "May Counsel in Private with God on Five Great Ideas for Long Running RHP Spirituality Forum Threads for Future Reference" (since his recent performance suggests he may need a little coaching and advice). So, don't be timid or afraid. We have it on indisputatable authority from an unimpeachable source that God isn't the least afraid of you.
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