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    In the firing line
    16 Sep '05
    19 Sep '06 10:26
    I cannot take credit for this piece of writing although I wish I could, as it sums up the paradox of my beliefs. The following are the lyrics to the song "Comrade Jesus Christ” by an indigenous Australian singer/songwriter Kev Carmody.

    He was born in Asia Minor,
    a colonized Jewish man.
    His father the village carpenter,
    worked wood in his occupied land.
    He was apprenticed to his father's trade.
    His country paid it's dues;
    to the colonial Roman conquerors,
    He was a working-class Jew.
    Though conceived three months out of wedlock
    the stigma never stuck.
    He began a three year public life
    but he never made a buck
    because he spoke out against injustice;
    saw that capitalism bled the poor.
    He attacked self-righteous hypocrites
    and he condemned the lawyers' law.
    But they've commercialised his birthday now;
    the very people he defied,
    and they've sanctified their system
    and claim he's on their side!
    But if he appeared tomorrow,
    He'd still pay the highest cost,
    being a 'radical agitator'
    they'd still nail him to a cross.
    You see He'd stand with the down trodden masses,
    identify with the weak and oppressed.
    He'd condemn the hypocrites in church pews,
    and the affluent, arrogant West.
    He'd oppose Stalinist totalitarianism;
    the exploitation of millions by one,
    and 'peace' through mutual terror,
    and diplomacy from the barrel of a gun.
    He'd fight with Joe Hill and Walesa,
    Mandela and Friere;
    Try to free the third world's millions
    from hunger and despair.
    He'd stand with the peasants
    at the pock-marked walls;
    They'd haul him in on bail.
    He'd condemn all forms of apartheid,
    and he'd rot in their stinking jails.
    He'd denounce all dictatorships
    and Mammon's greed,
    and the exploitation of others for gain.
    He'd oppose the nuclear madness,
    and the waging of wars in His name.
    He'd mix with prostitutes and sinners,
    challenge all to cast the first stone.
    A compassionate agitator,
    one of the greatest the world has known.
    He'd condemn all corrupt law and order,
    tear man made hierarchies down.
    He'd see status and titles as dominance
    and the politics of greed he'd hound.
    He'd fight against the leagues of the Ku Klux Klan,
    and the radical, racist right.
    One of the greatest humanitarian socialists
    was comrade, Jesus Christ.

    If you want to know more about Kev Carmody, check out his website http://www.kevcarmody.com.au/ for details about the man and his music.