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  1. Standard member RJHinds
    The Near Genius
    09 Feb '15 06:54 / 2 edits
    Scientists realise they were wrong about "junk" DNA

    This is something many theists knew or suspected all along, that what science has ignorantly, and dangerously ascribed to be junk, vestigial or unnecessary are actually integral essential parts of the overall design and working system of the physical body

    scientists scientism DNA "junk" unnecessary evolution theory theories dangerous darwin vestigial wrong mistaken naturalism naturalist humanism humanist error presumptuous arrogant hypothesis God creator creation design intelligent design order function systems.

    Your Face Is Made Of Junk DNA!
  2. 09 Feb '15 22:25
    Originally posted by RJHinds
    Scientists realise they were wrong about "junk" DNA