Lesson 5

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    More on Illusion

    The whole world is operating under the cover of illusion and people are making plans to enjoy their senses and create their perfect life, but they are defeated before they start because of suffering, disease, old age and death.

    For a few years they pretend that these occurances will not touch them and they live in illusion, but sooner than later they are forced to accept these events in their life, and then live the remainder of their life in suffering and depressed.

    The folly of youth is wasted in expanding their material circumstances thinking that it will give them happiness, and they give no thought to the spiritual living which they think is unreal.

    The illusion is so strong that they believe that their material body is the real self and even though they have degrees from the university and think themselves very intelligent, they do not even know who they really are.

    The real self is spiritual and is eternal, full of knowledge and bliss and is impregnated into this material existence in order to live independent from God which was their origional desire.

    By desighn the Lord has made this world a difficult place to live, because the desire of the Lord is that all living entities return back home to the Spiritual World, and the difficulties of life are meant to encourage the living entities to engage in the Spiritual life and develope their lost love for God.

    Because the living entities are so obstinate and lusty, they disregard the suffering of life and struggle to find material happiness at any cost, and under illusion they reject the reality of God and their Spiritual home.

    The only way they can find the peace and happiness they seek, is by engaging in the Spiritual life and to raise their consciousness to the platform of love of God and at the end of their life they can return back home to Godhead.

    But being under illusion which is of their own creation, they invent many false teachings and therories to support their materialistic agenda for lording it over the material energy and they teach this nonsense to their own children.

    They invent many different religions in case (there is a God) and they try to mix materialistic living with their religious persuasion in an attempt to exploit the material energy and go to heaven as well, but false religions will not offer them a free ticket to heaven and they will have to take birth and return to this world of suffering........time and time again.

    To stop the cycle of birth and death and return to the Spiritual world they must take to the bonafide and origional religion of Vedanta and study the teachings until they raise their consciousness to the transcendental platform of self realization and this is the only way to overcome illusion.
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    Originally posted by Agerg
    That makes more sense than Vishva's lessons.