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  1. Subscriber FreakyKBH
    Acquired Taste...
    30 Sep '10 16:08
    As a business model, one would be hard-pressed to outdo the NFL on several levels: profitability, brand loyalty, longevity, unassailable, and most impressively, control by ownership.

    For season upon season, the NFL (not 'they,' but the) has controlled nearly every aspect of its venture, from granting team existence, to their branding, schedule, selection of players, rules, television rights, sponsorship, code of conduct, etc., etc.. Far, far in advance of a football in the air or a linebacker leveling a running back from his blindside, the NFL determines the stage.

    And yet between the opening kickoff and the conclusion of the game, there is rampant free will...
  2. 30 Sep '10 21:38
    Strong spirituality here! LOL =p
  3. Standard member menace71
    Can't win a game of
    30 Sep '10 21:50
    I remember I used to pray please God let the 49ers win!!