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  1. Standard member Agerg
    The 'edit'or
    27 Nov '14 19:03 / 2 edits
    Perhaps a good place to kibitz about the main discussion, or
    mentioning no names
    heckling the participants, or otherwise...

    Or depending on how fast it gets buried, perhaps not!
  2. 27 Nov '14 19:15
    A side discussion, perhaps not suitable for the main thread, is the question of heritability of sin. A central tenet for most versions of Christianity is that sin is inherited, with 'original sin' being passed down via sperm. This raises interesting questions about cloning.
    Who here thinks that they are in some way morally responsible for the actions of their biological parents?
    Who here thinks that sin can extend beyond moral responsibility?

    If a person were to be conceived from frozen sperm taken from Hitler, would they be in any way more of a 'bad person' than the average child?