1. SubscriberAThousandYoung
    West Coast Rioter
    23 Aug '04
    19 Mar '05 21:01
    As I was going through the Book of Daniel and analyzing it as a potential source of scientific predictions, someone (Darfius probably) claimed that the Vatican is the current form of the Roman Empire which still controls the world.

    Now, I'd like to discuss the following:

    Assuming that the Book of Daniel did in fact correctly predict that there would be four and only four empires which would control the world before Jesus' second coming, and that the Roman Empire is and was the fourth of these, and therefore that the Roman Empire currently controls the world (a claim that I do not agree with for the record),

    What form is the Roman Empire in now? Is it the Vatican?

    If the above arguments hold (again, I don't think they do), I think it's a stronger argument that Germany, Great Britain and the Commonwealth, and the United States of America are the current form of the Roman Empire, and not the Vatican.

    Any thoughts from those who think the Book of Daniel accurately prophecied the Roman Empire's dominance of the world? Or anyone else who has something to say?