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  1. 18 Jan '15 09:46
  2. 18 Jan '15 13:50
    Originally posted by Trev33
    If you are going to post a sight to go to, why not make a reasonable statement to go along with it.

    It is your thoughts I am interested in, not someone elses.
  3. 18 Jan '15 18:38
    I posted a song by a band called The Rapture, it has nothing to do with the religious rapture.

    If you want my opinion on that, I'd say there's more likelihood of an alien invasion happening tomorrow.
  4. 19 Jan '15 10:26
    Looking good so far on the alien invasion not happening.

    Happening... see what I did there?
  5. 19 Jan '15 19:18
    Still looking good.
  6. Standard member Grampy Bobby
    Boston Lad
    23 Jan '15 05:29
    Originally posted by Trev33
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