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  1. 15 Feb '15 00:10
    This is my rebuttal to the article at

    I also seek to defend here the claim at

    Premise: Before the soul is a human person the body is a living human being

    = The words neshamah, used for the spark of soul life in, (Gen 2:7) and asah, the verb for making soul life in, (Gen 1:26) are both featured in, (Isa 57:16). This verse reminds us that God creates soul life, and hence, human life immediately, not only for Adam but for all humanity. #

    I agree, the soul is created immediately. Looking deeper in the Old Testament, to Israel tangible blood is connected with life force. The Lord God takes innocent blood in atonement for sins, sparing us from death.

    = "[T]hen desire conceives and brings forth sin, and when sin reaches maturity it gives birth to death" (James 1:15). #

    As a result of the fall, woman gives birth in labor pains and man toils. The guilt is passed along through the mother's blood line. A child receives from the mother fluids including the blood prior to birth. That is a medium where diseases and infections are known to be transmitted easily. Thus both original sin and mortality are transmitted via the parents. The Lord's wrath extends to subsequent generations.

    = “Dust” is the same Hebrew word, aphar, used to describe the substance from which biological life was formed in. #

    NASA has stated that our planet is made out of stardust, but has no stance on where the light originated from. The term biological life sounds like a redundancy. For a person to develop from dust, what is really dirt, dead skin cells and dander to me (as opposed to something alive), would certainly take a miracle.

    = Isaiah further substantiates the Old Testament assurance of God’s immediate formation of soul life. #

    'Your hands fashioned me from clay and formed me altogether, would You then destroy me; would You bring me into dust again?' (Job 10:8-9)

    Job basing his lamentation on his separation at birth doesn't make sense. Job wouldn't exist if he only had a format soul and a form of human body? The reality is God conceived of his actual soul and he does exist. Notice that Job had seven sons and three daughters. Surely he and his contemporaries knew babies existed when the bumps started appearing.

    = Human life begins at birth, not conception #

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches that the soul of man consists of a pre-existing, God-made spirit united with a temporal body, and "formed by physical conception on earth" (Wikipedia). {encrypt mode}_Z4wQYS6XIdoSuZn kppN7w9Dy RgN x96RTQjm YghE btmHl/NzsEMJD Ygh24oE, xUjG5w 7NwQcafZ/vj +PKsdloU sUVIMw jTrB+ ZWeJ 0vCthbkb wB+omaa ZZoy9D7Ltz0. Xu umF RqRH JZkILN0 tsRH 69DgYTRWNvR ZpZAE DAa rTSPL3 A2BlTkTg3UY.

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    Note: This message was encrypted with Alpha Crypt for safe transmission. Select and copy the message text, and visit to decrypt the message (a password key is required).

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  2. 15 Feb '15 00:20
    You know I often feel that some peoples posts need to be read with a cypher key and decoder ring...

    But this is taking things to the extreme.
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  4. Standard member Grampy Bobby
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    15 Feb '15 03:51
    Originally posted by googlefudge
    You know I often feel that some peoples posts need to be read with a cypher key and decoder ring...

    But this is taking things to the extreme.
    Certainly a strange looking text and, in my opinion, an obvious error to be overlooked rather than pounced on.
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    Originally posted by Of Ants and Imps
    Note: This message was encrypted with Alpha Crypt for safe transmission. Select and copy the message text, and visit to decrypt the message (a password key is required).
    GB this could be your posting footnote.