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Sports Forum

  1. 18 Oct '09 08:49
    a lesson in balls

    this ( is a beach ball. can you say it with me? beach ball.

    this ( is a football. can you say it with me? football.

    very good, you play football. say it with me one more time football.

    when playing football if you see a beach ball you ignore it and look for the football because, wait for you, you are playing football.

    join us next time as we explain the difference between halftime team talk and halftime call girls talk.
  2. Standard member Seitse
    Doug Stanhope
    18 Oct '09 09:55
  3. Standard member Fleabitten
    Love thy bobblehead
    19 Oct '09 10:55
    You'd think he'd have learned from the Man City incident a year or two back.