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  1. Subscriber64squaresofpain
    The drunk knight
    Stuck on g1
    02 Sep '12
    22 Sep '12 16:28
    So every week, I play the Skybet 'Super 6' for the English leagues.

    This is free to play, but on the side I also have a 6-fold accumulator bet on the outcomes eg. home win, draw or away win.

    This week, 5 of my 6 outcomes came in... with the other game failing to make it due to a 93rd minute goal scored by west ham...

    The odds I had were 143/1... needless to say I was a little gutted!

    So, anyway, has anyone else a story to tell about their accumulator bets? Big wins, or narrow misses for example. (not just football, any sport e.g. horse racing)
  2. In your face
    21 Aug '04
    22 Sep '12 18:171 edit
    Years ago, when I was completely green in the world of gambling, I put a lucky 15 bet on. ie four selections with all 15 permutations of singles, doubles, trables and the four fold. I thought it would be a good idea to put on two horses from one race and two from another. I showed it to someone in the pub with pride, while explaining my tactical genius. He called me a dick and told me to take it back to the bookies to ask for a refund.