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  1. Standard member Tirau Dan
    Enjoying Life
    19 Apr '07 20:29
    No racing from Valencia yet
    No wind..

    Remember the slating Auckland took from the current organisers about fickle weather conditions in Auckland. They won it with turncoat Kiwi skipper Russell Coutts.

    The Swiss Team had four years to pick anywhere they like to sail this regatta and here we are.. no wind no racing..

    This regatta means so much to Auckland & New Zealand.

    The current fav challengers are NZ & USA Oracle (skippered by kiwi Chris Dickson) Are they good enough to beat the holders Swiss Team Alinghi??

    There is also talk of the Swiss using swing keel technology. Moveable ballast is strictly banned in any form. Could this be a big sham cup again with the results being drawn out in court?

    If Team NZ win there sponsor Emirates Airlines want a huge Am Cup Regatta in the UAE... should be a great event.. but Team NZ say that would be a pre regatta as the cup would come home to Auckland if they win.. A bit ahead of themselves from Emirates but it is the voice of sponsorship money talking.
  2. Standard member Tirau Dan
    Enjoying Life
    20 Apr '07 20:25 / 1 edit
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    Amazing power! you did well getting rides on three..
    An Auckland chum was an engineer with Freedom in San Diego..

    Kiwis lost to Italy in the first round 15secs in it.. lost the start and that was that.. good sailing in light airs.

    Larry Ellison took his own boat and romped in a winner..

    Early days.. good to see things get started.
  3. Standard member Tirau Dan
    Enjoying Life
    06 Jun '07 20:54
    NZ 5 nil over Luna Rossa to take the Louis Vuitton Cup challenger series.. kiwis have been up until 0330hrs for the last week or two watching and hundreds flew to Valencia.

    The Amerias Cup starts on 23rd June, best of nine between NZ and Switzerland's Alhingi.

    Alhingi is very strong and is expected to retain the cup.

    Love it... Bring it home Kiwis!!