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  1. Standard member PocketKings
    Banned from edits
    08 Feb '07 17:45
    I usually stay out of stuff like this just because I never win anything that involves luck. But i put down a few dollars on the block pools on the Superbowl in my local drinking establishment. So I went in yesterday after work to attempt to drink my way back to sanity when my friendly bartender says "Hey, I have a couple envelopes for you."

    He hands me the envelopes, each containg $150. I won both the halftime block pool and the final score block pool! I spent 10 bucks to win 300, sounds like a good deal to me.

    Anyone else win on the game?
  2. Standard member Frank Burns
    Great Big Stees
    08 Feb '07 19:36
    Congrats PK! I play in the office pools each year. Twenty bucks each for the AFC and NFC championships and twenty more for the SB. No luck this year. Maybe next.
  3. Standard member rhb
    Ginger Scum
    08 Feb '07 19:51
    I had £2 on Southampton 0 - 1 Derby, Stevie Howard to score (last Sat) at 35-1. Netted me £70 when the result popped up

    I once won a local road 10k race too, which was much more satisfying, even if the financial reward was less.

    I won a tournie on rhp too.

    I'm a winner!
  4. 09 Feb '07 12:11
    I might have won 25$ in a pool if Rex Grossman hadn't thrown those two interceptions, one for a touchdown.
  5. 11 Feb '07 09:29
    A mate of mine once won 1500 quid for a fiver stake by predicting correctly 5 away results.... me? Never won a bloody thing except a dose off a slapper a few years ago!