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Sports Forum

Sports Forum

  1. 16 Apr '07 14:21
    Any Berwick Rangers Fooball Club Fans playing on here ?
  2. 16 Apr '07 17:41
    There seems to be a few of them down here in the south of England. the landlord of my local for a start. I have had the pleasure of standing in the Duckett and cheering the lads on against Elgin whilst I was up that way on holiday a years ago. It is one of the most welcoming football clubs that I have visited. Brilliant season this year, eh! Promotion a certainty.
  3. 17 Apr '07 14:32
    I agree, on the Berwick forum run by GalaKev who now plays on here, theres lots of people from all parts of the country who come thru to the games, and have expressed the same view as you to the friendliness of the fans and football club, I recently sent an email to the club secretary, and he replied to my enquiries within 2 hours of me sending the email to him, and was very helpfull
  4. 19 Apr '07 19:13
    Does Gordon still run the club shop? Top bloke. Do you drink in the Angel before the match? Or do you stay over the Tweed at the Barrels or the Free Trade? Does the Free Trade actually have set opening times? Do you get out to Wooler at all? The Black Bull is sort of OK but hardly worth the journey. Does Tosh still run the Golden Lion at Castlegate? Got a bit wasted with him one night whilst waiting for my cab back to Wooler. Another top bloke. Do they have motorcycle racing on that track at Shielfield? We must have game of chess some time and chat about the Black & Golds.
  5. 20 Apr '07 01:07
    I think there is a Gordon in the club shop, I dont drink with having the car, I used to drink in Wooler before I got married, buts thats over 28 yrs ago, & no doubt a lot has changed, The Berwick Bandits Speedway is still at the football ground, I used to watch them years ago when they had their track at Berrington lough, havent seen them since they went back to shielfield tho