Carey Price

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Sports 29 Oct '08 17:10
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    28 Mar '06
    29 Oct '08 17:101 edit
    This kid has a flaw.

    While he is brilliant and poised in virtually every situation and almost always makes the impossible save, he has a problem.

    I've watched him now for 2 years and have noticed this guy simply gets bored and loses focus. Take last nights game for example. Amazing save after amazing save. But then he inexplicably gives up the tying second goal by standing up as the opposing player one handed the puck along the ice into the net between his pads. Just a lack of focus...almost nonchalence.

    Also, he tends to want to make plays with the puck rather than simply stopping it and holding for a face off. Last night he would catch the puck in his glove, and immediately drop it to look for an outlook pass, even when the opposing players were nearby. One time, he tried to bank the puck off the glass but put it over, costing his team a penalty with only 2 minutes to go in the game. The score was 2-2!

    The kid is no doubt talented. But the bonehead, unfocused plays will cost the team if he doesn't smarten up.

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