1. Subscriberdivegeester
    reality bites
    16 Feb '08
    04 Jan '09 17:002 edits
    As a long time Chelsea fan I applaud you for your amazing ability as a top class striker. I have enjoyed your goals and the way you have added real class to the PL over the last few seasons.

    However this does not give you the right to create disharmony within the Chelsea squad and generally behave like an arrogant tw*t all the time. This along with your pathetic histrionics on the pitch whenever an opponent has the audacity to tackle you with any force greater than a strong gust of wind make you look like an poor sportsman and general idiot, it is not endearing!

    Please can you assure all Chelsea fans (and other interested parties) that you will either, knuckle down and learn to play nicely with Nicholas and the other boys, or else go forth asap.

    Thanks and kind regards etc...