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  1. Standard member Hand of Hecate
    Merciless Vagabond
    30 Jan '09 16:45
    Please explain this to me:
  2. Subscriber shortcircuit
    The Energizer
    30 Jan '09 17:19
    Originally posted by Hand of Hecate
    Please explain this to me:
    No1 Marauder claimed that he was not hung like a horse as the player in question had previously claimed on RHP. After many attempts to discredit his claims, No1 takes it upon himself to go undercover and check out the evidence himself. While he has never issued the completed report on the topic, it is apparent that he was satisfied that the claim had some merit, and let it go at that.

    Now I understand he is pursuing another lead that says the player in question had actually been using steroids to increase the size of his manhood, which is against the rules. Now No1 has started a crusade to get the player ousted from MLB on the grounds that his stick was illegally obtained. Furthermore, No1 would like for MLB to adopt his new policy regarding tool maintenence and disclosure policy. This would include a stigma floor with an adjustable fluctuation for shrinkage on cold weather days. No other plan should be considered because it was not previously conceived by No1.
  3. Subscriber cashthetrash
    31 Jan '09 00:36
    Baseball is ggay.