1. Standard memberknightmeister
    21 Jan '06
    31 Mar '08 19:33
    The biggest things wrong with England are....

    1) there is no long term system of playing. The dutch have their way , the Germans have theirs , even Croatia have built up a style that suits them and is recognisable whilst we mess about with different formations and strategies. Club players haven't got the time to slot into a radically different system during internationals. We need to find a system and a way that allows the rooneys, gerrards, owens of the team do what they do best for their clubs. If this means dumping lampard then so be it because the system is everything. International teams need to work like well drilled machines (eg-why do the germans always punch above their weight) so that players can come and go within a set system and slot in.

    2) Following on from 1 the players come in and are often asked to play in a way or system or position in which they are not comfortable and don't understand fully so there is little continuity between club and international football. Players play best when they understand what they are doing and feel comfortable with it.

    3) We don't play to our strengths (similar to 2) . Italians know what they are good at and they do it. The croatians have figured out what they do well and not so well and they get on with it. We do not do the same , we keep trying to do things that we are not so good at at the expense of things we do do well - which is 4-4-2 and an injection of pace and energy adapted to a champions league style to keep possession better.

    4) We have an inferiority complex that makes us want to copy the Italians or Brazilians and we think that anyone who has a foreign sounding name is automatically superior. At Champions league level English teams playing an adapted English style of football have been consistently successful , so given that Champions league football is often higher in quality than international football , there is little need to feel inferior.

    5) We don't stand and fall by our own style and system (1) . We tend to shift around rather than accept there will be times when it doesn't work and that's just life. You would never see the germans departing from the german way of playing just because it went pete tong for a year or 2 (it did infact and they came back well)

    6) We don't have the humility to admit that we are not in the very top niche of international football. So rather than just accept this and do what some other countries do and make the very best out of what we have (which could be good enough to win a tournament on occasions) we be-moan this and go into crisis , looking again for the magic solution. Managers come and go with their different tactics but nothing moves on because the players just get more confused. The Germans never suffer from this because their system has been set for decades. Ours changes from manager to manager.

    7) Far too much pressure on the team from the media . If the public want to have a successful team they need to stop buying the rags that spout their nonsense and put pressure on brooking et al instead to go over to germany and figure out what they are doing that we are not.

    8) Cappello is a good manager and may get results but what about 15 years time? , will we not be in a mess again without a system based long term strategy.