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  1. Standard member Palynka
    Upward Spiral
    22 Oct '10 09:31 / 1 edit
    Does anyone here care?

    I think last night Porto showed they have the quality and grit needed to go all the way. Maybe not THE favourites, but a contender nonetheless. The starting XI is very solid and the bench is stacked with good options. Our coach is also one of the promises in a new generation of coaches ( and so far he has shown not only an excellent ability to organize a team for a match but also made very good in-match decisions.

    Hulk is a beast, Falcao is class and Fernando rules the midfield even a man down and playing away we had the game under control and scored 2 more (and had one penalty not given in our favour and a goal ruled out that should have stood). Yes, Besiktas is not a contender but still the quality was definitely there.

    On a side note, Besiktas fans are awesome. They are incredibly noisy and still very respectful. Humanist and anti-discrimination of any form, they are a class apart in a country where fans have a bad reputation (many times deservedly so). They also clapped when Hulk scored the third.

    Life is good.