Girl power

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Sports 14 May '09 20:19
  1. Standard memberHandyAndy
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    23 Sep '06
    14 May '09 20:191 edit
    Bet the farm on Rachel Alexandra in the Preakness.

    She's more than a match for any of the boys. 😲
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    08 Oct '08
    22 May '09 21:431 edit
    well -- you now own two farms

    but Rachel screwed up a crazy scenario for Mine That Bird - where the horse could've been in position to win the triple crown with three different jockeys.

    but jockey Calvin Borel's dream of winning the triple crown is still alive!!

    Mine That Bird also brings to mind the horse named Beetlebaum in Spike Jones' "William Tell Overture" -- throughout most of the race, he's way back in last place, but somehow ends up winning at the end.