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    03 Jun '09
    03 Sep '16 05:16
    I have only one small article on it. But it looks like it is in the works now and will be announced soon. I also think it is a good tune up fight for GSP. Connor split with Nate. GSP beat Nick diaz the older brother.

    No way does Connor win, or even finish the fight. However, it will be the biggest draw in the history of the sport. If GSP wins in great fashion, then maybe he fights for Middleweight belt, then down to fight Woodley. But fighting Connor fighting a much smaller man is a much better tune up, plus as much as I love connor, he still is not anywhere near the all around fighter with wrestling or Jits that GSP is, plus he has no size on GSP who walks around at a higher weight then Nate or even Nick for that matter.

    Cant wait to see it. Also if you see on Youtube, "the evolution of Punk" you will get a huge appreciation for the man." I did not like him, and thought he should not get a shot.

    I am glad he is, and why not. He is a huge draw, and he has been training for two years now and taking on a new fighter who has only fought a little but is a decent fighter. His name is Gall.

    so Punk vs Gall should be a fun fight and we will see if Punk has a real shot at this sport, or if he is worlds away from ever getting better. I am pulling for him. we should all be lucky enough to follow our dreams. And it takes more guts then most people know to get into that cage.