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  1. 16 Nov '06 12:34
    Sacked Test umpire Darrell Hair has been voted Umpire of the Season by readers of Wisden Cricketer magazine.

    Hair won 34% of votes in the magazine's annual poll despite his dismissal over his role in the forfeited Test between England and Pakistan in August.

    The Australian was removed from the panel of elite umpires in the aftermath of accusing Pakistan of ball-tampering.

    Hair said: "It's a shock but if free-thinking people want to vote that way it's a great vote of confidence."

    The 54-year-old has stood in 62 Tests and 111 one-day internationals, but is now facing an uncertain future.

    Cricket Australia have said he would be welcome to umpire there, but that may not be a practical option as he now lives in England.

    Last summer he was on the reserve list of officials for first-class cricket in England and recent reports have claimed he could be promoted to regular duty on the county circuit next summer.

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  2. Standard member lordhighgus
    Kara Thrace &
    20 Nov '06 12:52
    Cant forget Wisdens also named him number one Umpire too.
    This whole affair stinks of racism. Every one involved in this disgraceful affair should be ashamed.
  3. 20 Nov '06 16:49
    Have you now seen he is taking legal action against the ICC?
  4. Standard member lordhighgus
    Kara Thrace &
    20 Nov '06 23:37
    Originally posted by GrumpyBoyFett
    Have you now seen he is taking legal action against the ICC?
    More power to him. Did you see that none of his or Doctroves decisions were deemed by the ICC as wrong or illegal.
    Hope he gets millions.