1. Standard memberCrowley
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    17 Apr '02
    17 Mar '13 05:04
    WTF was wrong with the Irish? Just thinking about the St. Paddy's party?

    Sure, the Italians have made great strides, but Ireland rugby must surely be at it's lowest ebb to actually lose to the spaghetti munchers.
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    10 Jan '08
    21 Mar '13 02:15
    Au man, don't get me started. First 50 mins against Wales on the opening day was the best we had played in years. Defending grand slam champions and favorites for this year beaten in Wales and then what? A draw against a French side who easily the worst French side in history. WFT is right.

    Ireland isn't a great side, far from it but England and France at home and Scotland and Italy away after beating the favorites and easily best side in Europe at the moment? People were thinking grand slam... after England beat us it was liek they didn't care anymore.