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    09 Jan '05
    06 Aug '09 05:59
    Oh so much fun in the third tier of English Football amongst the cow paddock pitches and robust muscles of bulldog men out to kick the proverbial out of the opposition. All the drama is ready on stage for the lights to go on on Saturday.

    Newly relegated Saints having gone into administration suffered a 10 point penalty and although the fault was not the fans or the new owners they are starting on minus 10pts. The new wealthy Swiss owner (Markus Liebherr) has appointed his right hand man Nicola Cortese (top notch businessman) as Exec Chairman. He has the aim of returning to the prem in under 5 years. Alan Pardew ex Villa and Hammers is being heartily backed by Southampton fans to cut the deficit by Christmas and make the play-offs. Half the problem is he has no players as Saints old brigade sold most of the players and relied on youngsters to get the club relegated. Pards is building from the back bringing in new experienced signings appropriate for L1.

    This is in contrast to some teams aiming to be promoted back up quickly by signing 10 plus player like Norwich with 11 new signings.

    Leeds haven't got the money for the effort but will make the play-offs.. they sold Delph to Villa and hope for Hammill from L'pool.

    Palace of course can't buy any more L1 players as they haven't paid bonus's from last year and have been embargoed by the league shame as they were after Saints pair of Poles.

    Very interesting competition and worth watching.. the only thing interesting for me in the prem is to see whether the fake sheik doctor actually pays for Portsmuff to let the skates out of jail.. I do laugh as their players scream "take me take me I'm going cheap."

    I'm hoping Saints will pass Pompey in the next year or two on the March back to the prem.

    The call from Saints fans

    10 more points to mow
    10 more points to zero
    10 more, 7 more, 4 more, 1 more
    Markus, Nicola, Pards, a dog spot!
    bottle o pop and a chunk o swiss roll
    No more points to zero.

    Up The Saints!!