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  1. Standard member RBHILL
    Acts 13:48
    12 Aug '09 23:07
    I was playing Madden 09 the computer went for a field goal. I called timeout to ice the kicker and it worked they went for it again and they missed. LOL
  2. 13 Aug '09 00:15
    I wonder if the program actually has something in it that would reduce the effectiveness of the kicker should a timeout be called just before the kick.

    I also wonder -- in real life, it seems like the "iced kicker" never misses the FG -- I almost wonder if the "icing" actually helps the kicker by forcing him to take an extra minute to relax.

    I also suspect that on those last second kicks, most kickers go out there expecting the "ice the kicker" routine -- if a team chose NOT to call the timeout, that might actually rattle the kicker.