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  1. Standard member irontigran
    Rob Scheider is..
    14 Nov '08 07:05
    what would you do to make the perfect NFL team? being good for cap and stuff...
    heres mine, its changed a lot lately.

    best players
    1.D-end, not sure which side though. the idea to put mad pressure on the QB. i used to like just great mix of speed+strength, but now i see how important acceleration is to blow them off the line. ill pay big for a Right End that has say 83 speed, 80 strength, and 93 accel. the strength seems bad compared to what it would be of the guy blocking him, but its good for his speed.
    2.Quarterback. i need someone who wont throw INTs all the time, thats it. ill pay big for someone that has good awareness and throw accuracy. ill get a bargin by losing points in throw power and all scrambling traits.
    3. Left Guard, suprised my final money splurge didnt come at left tackle? thats because my left tackles only going to be pass-protect guy. and as said above im really doubt what you need strength wise to beat ends. just pass blocking. i could get a LT with 97 pass block, and 85 strength and 81 run block and not have to pay much at all. but back to the guard, i want him huge, and can do it all against that DT. huge strength, run and pass block with awr. to pull

    the rest goes like this- one of the 2 DTs is a "plug" just a huge sack of fat that forces to be doubled or will pancake everyone in sight. all you need for this guy is big strength. so he could be cheap if he has low tackle etc. the other guy inside is a speed demon. hes the most underrated spot in madden:speed DTs. it justs "fits" in this game, they go crazy in an all out attack. its cool to have 2 but then they pack the rock up the middle. i need accel and speed. im giving up tackle again.
    so then at MLB im getting a sure tackling guy, even if hes slower, but he has to be smart. the OLBs are speed guys as is the FS, where the SS is with the MLB type. the only good guy i need is 1 CB, which has to be solid shutdown.

    back to O i take huge cuts at wide receiver. completely overrated! i just take one 35 year old with nice catch and awr. to lead the group, and a few crappy burners sprinkled in to the mix. i may want to get a nice TE then, but at least the backup is a great blocker. very cheap.
    and the FB is for sure a power guy. i formation clock control.
    that leaves the HB, which at a bargain could get a power to take on the power FB and big LG. the center is also more run, whereas the lt. is pass, the rt is run, and the rg is pass.
  2. Standard member irontigran
    Rob Scheider is..
    14 Nov '08 07:08
    i take this too seriously
    ive been playing with the one with alexander on the cover...
  3. 18 Nov '08 23:18
    I always pick 3 TE because i like playing with double TE formations.
    I also pick a BIG FB and a Power HB with a Fast back up.

    Always like playing with big tall WR even though they may not have great stats.

    As for the rest of the O-line, they never seem to do what i think they will do but always try to pick players in the high 80s over-all rating with a lower rating as their back up.

    D-line... pick fast but big DEs, the Biggerst guy i can get at DT. Linebackers- like them to be fast and good tackler and as high a rating as i can with the money aviable.

    Like fast CBs and fast safties.