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Sports Forum

  1. Standard member Traderious
    Sith Lord
    19 Aug '13 12:25 / 5 edits
    To those of you who enjoy soccer here is a manager game that you will thoroughly enjoy. You manager you team over a 30 game schedule, two matches a day. Train them up, enjoy building everything from you stadium to your team. Play against people from your own country. Get good enough to join the Champions League and see how good you truly are. Can you do it?
  2. Standard member Traderious
    Sith Lord
    20 Aug '13 03:50
    I swear you guys will love it. Just give it a shot!!
  3. 23 Aug '13 22:58
    On commission are we?
  4. Standard member Traderious
    Sith Lord
    07 Sep '13 13:12
    Nope not on commission. Just a game I love and have played for 8 full years. Almost as long as I have this one. I have done the same for Red Hot Pawn as I have for Manager League.

    I try to spread the word about what I feel are excellent games or sites but I try really hard not to spam that is why this is the first time here that I have sent out the good word about it.