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  1. 13 Feb '12 05:54
    Geez all week the media was writing Eldrick this, Eldrick that, at Pebble Beach. You would have thought he was playing there by himself. Apparently he wasnt, congrats to Phil, and a tip of the old hat to Eldrick for once again grabbing all the media attention but doing the only decent thing by gagging in round 4.....its going to be a GREAT year, cant wait to read Haneys tell all........pass the PEDS please
  2. 12 Mar '12 03:10
    With Caminiti it was his heart. Matuzak, Alzado, their brains. Payton, liver. Starting to look like with Eldrick, its the legs. just say no to steroids, just say no to drugs.
  3. 12 Mar '12 03:29
    When you think of have to think of the infamous "I didnt have my "A" game today" when he destroyed the field by multiple strokes. ....You have to think of the guy that whips clubs around, swears, curses, acts like a complete imbecile, and always draws a bye from the media....I think its safe to say we all know why...but anyway, the great chase to the legacy of the Golden Bear is just about over, this guy will be remembered in a better light than he deserves, but alas, fortunately, he will be remembered ultimately as being just another swinging dick who fell a little bit short
  4. 12 Mar '12 03:29
    ....and put that in your pipe and smoke it fredstein