1. SubscriberVESPIN
    All For Fun
    United States
    03 Jun '09
    20 Oct '16 22:10
    This will be a very interesting fight. Bisping is much better on his feet, and his jits is most likely better as well. Weidman is trained by Mat Serra and company and not to mention a two time Division 1 NATIONAL champion wrestler.

    Bisping is notorious for having issues with good strong wrestlers. And Weidman is no exception here. If Weidman gets a hold of him, and puts him on the ground early, it will be a short night for Bisping.

    Weidman is slow on his fight, and gets tired as the fight goes on. Bisping gets better as the fight goes on. So If Bisping keeps it on the feet, uses his foot work, stays off the cage and out of the clinch, he will win it. I feel bad for Weidman a bit now because he is up against it at this point.

    If he loses to the 37 year old champ, he will be starting at the bottom and working all the way back to the top. And that is a very long climb in that division as well. Great fight in the making though.