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  1. Donation ketchuplover
    20 Jul '14 13:02
    Milwaukee Bucks now have Kendall Martin. Playoffs here we come!
  2. 27 Jul '14 06:16
    Jabari Parker will be a nice player to build with. It's about accumulating young promising talent. Attracting top tier free agents will be tough, I think even when the Bucks do have a good young core, because Milwaukee isn't a flashy city, and alot of the top players are more concerned about promoting their brand.(The Packers are a different deal) Heck, they won't even come to Chicago!? The Bucks aren't exactly a major market either, but I think if they can amass some young talent that's a start. And axe Jason Kidd before he coaches a game.
  3. 01 Aug '14 07:23
    and I'm not saying Milwaukee isn't a cool city, I just think that seems to be the perception from NBA players. I miss the old NBA.
  4. Standard member vivify
    01 Aug '14 16:47
    They really need to ban the slam dunk contest this year.
  5. 04 Aug '14 05:57
    Originally posted by vivify
    They really need to ban the slam dunk contest this year.
    It is getting stale, so is the all star game. No defense, plus players don't want to get injured. it's just a ceremony to recognize their play. Not as bad as the Nfl Pro Bowl though. I think if some of the bigger names would participate it would spice it up. Ahem! Lebron. but I don't think he wants to be in it because he has everything to lose. what if he didn't win. and the voting is a joke anyway. well, at least we had the Jordan vs Dominique years. Vince Carter did some good stuff too.
  6. 05 Aug '14 06:53
    Are there any ideas on what the NBA can do mid season for all-star events?
    We've seen the gruesome injury to Paul George Are there any Pacers fans out there? Do you think pros playing in the USA basketball games is a bad and too risky idea? or was it just bad luck. As a Bulls fan and missing our star for a long time it definitely hurts, so I feel for the Pacers fans, they have a good team. but what I've learned is when your star is out for a long period it can help make others grow as players. if they have the right attitude they won't hang their heads. and they will play their heart out. I guess they can also tank games for a high pick, but that's not always guaranteed. Hope he comes back the same. Never want to see that calliber of player get hurt.
  7. Standard member menace71
    Can't win a game of
    20 Aug '14 06:47 / 1 edit
    I think the NBA ALLSTAR game is what it is a time for the players to just have fun it's purely show ....I do think it's a bit political though DeMarcus Cousins needs to be on the ALLSTAR Team this next time of course or it will be a travesty I'm a homer as I'm a Sac Kings fan though Of Course looks Like Cleavland is now the team to beat in the East of course the Bulls will be in the mix


    PS Vince Carter is an OG Baller no doubt
  8. 20 Aug '14 07:08 / 2 edits
    Good points. I agree DeMarcus Cousins is a very underrated player. Can score, and he's a monster on the glass. Plays with an edge. Sometimes loses his cool, but definitely one of the better Power Forwards/Centers in the game.
    He does have some competition though as far as making the all star team. And I think the Kings record lately has not helped his efforts. Would he be a forward or center? Center would be best bet.

    Worthy western conference all star centers(no particular order)
    Dwight Howard
    Tim Duncan
    DeMarcus Cousins
    Marc Gasol

    worthy Western Conference all-star Power Forwards (no particular order)
    Anthony Davis
    David Lee
    Blake Griffin
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Tim Duncan
    DeMarcus Cousins
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    Included Forward/Centers in both groups
    Definitely helps that Kevin Love moved to the East. Cousins may be better anyway, Love plays no D.