1. Donationrwingett
    Ming the Merciless
    Royal Oak, MI
    09 Sep '01
    14 Dec '06 22:18
    Additions for the Tigers:
    Traded for OF Gary Sheffield and signed him to a contract extension
    Re-signed IB Sean Casey
    Signed RHP Jose Mesa
    Acquired Rule 5 pick, LHP Edward Campusano

    LHP Jaime Walker signed with Baltimore
    OF Matt Stairs was not offered a new contract and subsequently signed with Toronto
    Released OF Alexis Gomez

    What did your loser team do? Not that its going to make a difference.
  2. Joined
    28 Sep '06
    14 Dec '06 23:18
    traded OF Gary Sheffield for 3 minor league pitching prospects
    Acquired P Andy Pettite
    Acquired P Kei Igawa
    Extended Contract for P Mike Mussina

    Lost OF/1B Aaron Guiel