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    10 Nov '05
    13 Jul '10 19:11
    Who are going to be the star players in the upcoming footy season? Which new player do you think will shine, or which player who had an average year last year is due for a corker this?

    From my own incredibly biased view, Alberto Aquilani is going to show just how golden his feet really are. We had glimpses of it at the end of last season when he finally started recovering from injury, and if he gets a good run in the team (what with Stevie G and Mascho on their ways that should be easy) I think he'll be wizard.
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    10 Jan '08
    13 Jul '10 19:21
    on a side note... which prem league 'stars' are going to flop in the 2014 world cup? all but two of them like this year?
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    10 Nov '05
    13 Jul '10 21:55
    I can't answer that one trev.
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    02 Jan '07
    13 Jul '10 22:00
    It will be interesting to see how Beckford does at Everton.

    I am also looking forward to seeing Hernandez at Man U and who knows how many players the blue half of Manchester will have come the start of the season.

    I expect the usual suspects at Chelsea to shine and with a fit Essien returning they look unstoppable.
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