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Sports Forum

  1. 25 Feb '07 12:57
    why not have a chess league based on the english premier league, everyone would pick a team, and maybe charlton could win it????? just like the nfl based tournament suggested, it would appeal to the european based rhp players..what do yous think
  2. 25 Feb '07 16:45
    Good idea
    Also if we get enough players interested we could do a champions league style one, also lower league teams too
  3. Standard member Wizard of Fire
    Master of Burning
    25 Feb '07 17:37
    i would be interested
  4. 25 Feb '07 18:22
    i'm only new to all this, so i'm wondering how we go about the idea of a champions league, less games and a final
  5. 25 Feb '07 22:13
    Dibs on Fulham!

    (Although something tells me there may not be a great deal of competition to play as Fulham. lol)
  6. Standard member Diet Coke
    Forum Vampire
    25 Feb '07 22:36
    Dibs on Tottenham Hotspur.
  7. 25 Feb '07 23:39
    I don't think we should pick teams yet, let's see if we can get enough players to play it and then we can pick them, that makes it fairer on people not noticing the thread until late. They might not want to play if the only team left is Watford
  8. Standard member Smiffy
    26 Feb '07 10:01
    sounds good.
  9. 26 Feb '07 13:40
    do u have to be a subscriber to get involed in this. i would like to be man utd but based on my chess skils i'll have watford or west ham.