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    29 Dec '12 08:31

    Such a sad loss:'(
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    28 Oct '05
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    Originally posted by Elamef37
    R.I.P Tony Greig
    I didn't like him when I was a teenager (late 70s early 80s); at that time I subscribed to the view that the mouth on him was not backed up by his achievements on the field. Forgave Knott and Underwood (and even Woolmer) long before I forgave Greig (as did many English fans, I reckon). Warmed to him when I grew up and started thinking for myself and thinking about cricket as a professional game and business. Eventually respected his abilities as a player. Respected him and enjoyed his blustery take it or leave it approach over the last 15 years or so. So much better than the likes of Healey, Taylor, Botham up there in the box. [Wouldn't have fit in at Test Match Special though!] Might have hoped to get another 10 years out of him. Will miss him, for sure.