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    09 Jun '07
    21 Jul '09 23:09
    So will this kid going to play for the T'Wolves on the upcoming season? What do you think?

    In my opinionm considering he missed summer league and that he's not preparing as every other rookie for the season, he should stay on Spain. This is not a good way to start a rookie season. And I think he's spanish team is correct on demanding the $6,6 million buyout. Come on, the guy has potential to be a hall o fame and you are going to just let the kid go away without getting any money from a damn rich NBA franchise? On football teams pay millions to each other for the players... Real Madrid payed almost $100 millions for Cristiano Ronaldo. I know that on NBA transactions are different, still, they are just demanding what's on the contract.
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    05 Sep '08
    22 Jul '09 14:54
    The NBA did not sign the contract (Ricky Rubio did) and if Rubio wants to break the contract than the Spain team should have a cause of action against him. If the Spanish team won't/ can't sue Rubio that does not mean the T-Wolves should pay the whole amount. They can, if they wish negotiate a settlement, but really the contract only indirectly effects the T-Wolves.