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    15 Jun '06
    07 May '09 22:43
    Russel "the muscle" Branyan.... Where the heck did he come from? I never heard of him and then this season all the sudden BAM he has tons of HRs and extra base hits and RBIs and not to mention his admirable batting average... Yes you can say that its early in the season and he will slow down but even if does slow down a bit he still has a good chance of being a 40+ home run hitter with an average close to or above .300! How does a team have a guy like that sitting there for them and never figure out that he can do this until they give him away and find out when he hits a bazillion homeruns against them?... I just don't get it.... But I'm glad anyway he is a good addition to a struggling mariners team who haven't been much of anything ever except for in '95 and 2001.