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Sports Forum

  1. Standard member pawnpaw
    Please Pay Attention
    29 Jul '16 09:12
    And so it's the last two stages left in this series.
    Had some great games to watch.
    New Zealand have three teams in the semi's, and we'll see what happens this weekend.
    SA's Lions against the Highlanders, and the Chiefs against the Hurricanes.
    Will the Lions have a better chance against the Highlanders, who beat the Brumbies 15-9 (close call) last weekend, than if they were playing against one of the other teams mentioned?
  2. Standard member pawnpaw
    Please Pay Attention
    05 Aug '16 10:09
    Superugby Next phase: final game between the Hurricanes and Lions from SA.
    Should be a very good game.
    The Lions really did it last week. Beat the Highlanders good and solid 42-30.