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    26 Jun '06
    23 Jan '09 03:58
    ...where the quaterbacks arnt the only ones in dresses, or going for the ring and purse.

    yes, gay matchup it may heres my prediction- the steelers beat the cards 31-17 and career ending injuries to warner (groin) polamalu and fitzgerald (hair pull broken necks) and hines ward getting deported at halftime, matt millionare lienart throws 4 passes to ed reed, who was in stands as a spectator, but ran 3 of them back for touchdowns and a 539 yard day. the cards become the second 9-7 team to go to the superbowl, and 1st to end up 3rd in the scoreboard.

    but seriosly, the worst rushing game in the league doesnt even try to do anything against the steelers. so warner eats blitzes all night, manages a big day but.. but! on the other side of the ball big ben whos coming off beating a real defense is able to put together a good day and wins the MVP, due to the voters having no originality.
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    08 Oct '08
    23 Jan '09 21:43
    Arizona was the one team in the NFC playoffs that everyone couldn't wait to play - they were awful over the second half of the regular season - for that matter, they've been awful for decades - and yet here we are with Arizona in the Superbowl.

    this is why sports is so fun

    on the other hand, you had the Giants - last year they had probably one of the most difficult paths to a superbowl you could get - first win a wildcard game on the road (vs Tampa Bay) - then win in Dallas - then win in Green Bay in subzero conditions - and then beat the almighty undefeated Patriots. This year, they're the top seed with home games against Philadelphia and Arizona - probably one of the easiest paths - and they lay an egg.

    this is why sports is so fun

    Kurt Warner has already won the superbowl with a team from St Louis - why not win one with a team that used to be from St Louis?