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    I figured I'd post this here as well, darts is a sport 🙄, so why can't this?


    After the limited success of the another game, does anyone want to have one? - the problem with the last game was that only four people actually played in the game...but it was still good.
    It would be much better with something like 12 players though.

    Register there and message me your user name and email address there (use the message system here); I'll start the game when we get enough players.

    Essentially it is a real time strategy/diplomacy based war game. It's played across Europe, set in the year 1914, new technologies become available like factories and accompanying military productions, once you've built your fortresses, harbours, etc. You can send messages to your enemies/allies, arrange trade of resources; sign over your military power for someone to use for you, etc. There is even a Secret Service where you can spy on your enemies…and allies.
    One of cooler features it offers I think is the newspaper column it has, whereby players can post their messages, declare war through the newspaper to the rest of the players, and so forth.

    Here is some eye candy: