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Sports Forum

  1. 07 Sep '14 13:09 / 1 edit
    Wow, the Big Ten took a hit this Saturday. Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, etc., they all looked pathetic.

    As we all know, the Big Ten has been tanking for years. With the exception of Ohio State under Jim Tressel, and possibly Michigan State under coach Dantonio last year in the Rose Bowl, and brief success with Wisonsin, the Big Ten is essentially is now at the MAC level.

    When Urban Meyers came to Ohio State, all we heard was all the success he has had in the past and how great he will be. However, I have to say that I doubt he can even win the Big Ten with Dantonio at Michigan State in his way, let alone a national championship like coach Tressel brought to Ohio State.

    Urban Meyers proves that coaching in the Big Ten is much more difficult than with an SEC team. It's like coaching the Yankees, Mickey Mouse could do it, but not so with a small market team.
  2. 09 Sep '14 00:50 / 1 edit
    Well, well, apparently the Big Ten's own Penn State is having their ban lifted.

    That tears it! I now hate the Big Ten and the entire NCAA. I guess making money is just toooo important to see a little justice done for those poor violated children whom the university sacrificed in the name of winning college football.

    I hope every team in the Big Ten, including my Buckeyes, lose the rest of their games this year.

  3. 11 Sep '14 02:28
    Go Ducks! quack quack
  4. 21 Sep '14 16:38
    Originally posted by Hugh Glass
    Go Ducks! quack quack
    To be honest, I've already lost all interest in college football this year.

    Glad to see your team doing well. I hope they take it all. I can hardly bear another FSU or Alabama national championship. It's like watching the movie Groundhog Day every year. All you can hope for is that Bill Murry will find his way out so you don't have to watch the same teams year after year.