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    Sports analysts rarely give viewers any real insight into why games are won or lost. Most sports analysts simply read off the stat sheet, or state redundant lines like, "giving up 3 goals this early was not how they wanted to start the game".

    Time and Space are two concepts that explain so much of what is going on during a game, yet don't receive the kind of attention necessary to truly understand how a game is played, let alone why one team is better than another.

    Space is the amount of room available to a player once they receive the ball, puck etc

    Time is the length of time a player has to make a play once they receive the ball, puck etc.

    In football, a receiver only requires Space to make the catch. If he also has Time, he can add Yards After the catch by running for additional yardage.

    In Hockey, a player making a pass has to consider whether or not the person he intends to pass the puck to has both time AND space. Unless the person receiving the pass has both Time AND Space to make a play after he receives the puck, there is no reason to pass that person the puck because it will likely result in a turnover since Hockey allows body contact and checking.

    Soccer and Basketball only require a person receiving a pass to have Space because body contact is not allowed. In these sports a person can create Time to make a play once they receive the pass because they can't be knocked flat on their ass without the other team receiving a penalty.

    The next time you are watching a game on TV or at the Stadium and your team is not doing so well, consider whether or not your team's players have Time and Space. If they don't, ask yourself is it because the other team is taking away your team's Time and Space and therfore are the better team? Or is it because your team is lazy and not trying to create their own time and space, in which case you are likely a Toronto Maple Leaf fan.
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