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    26 Jan '07
    29 Oct '07 21:36
    Howdy Leaf Nation! Thoughts on this year? I'm hoping to get some intelligent discussion on the blue and white from all the chess playing leaf fans out there.

    Antropov has been killing it lately but for how long will it continue? Should we trade Sundin at the deadline for all the draft picks Fergie has squandered over the years? Are Stajan Steen and Wellwood really the future of the team? If so Mats needs to get traded.

    The way I see it, the only reason we should not trade Mats is if we think we'll win a cup in the time Mats has in his career here. Sorry, but I doubt it! The safest play is to secure our future for draft picks....if he keeps up this pace or even hald or three quarters of it he'll be the most desired player for any contender come the deadline. Thoughts?
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    14 Nov '06
    03 Nov '07 18:17
    Leafs are doin good. Sundin is brilliant. 'Caber is gettin picked on but I feel he's been playing fine. Toskala is good...

    It'll come, a bit of patience is all we need.

    I'm happy with the play of each and every leaf... It's just time we make it work... shuffle the lines a little, practice more specific things (ie. 2 on 1's on both ends of the ice).

    I like how we shoot the puck more and more.. brilliant.

    oh and Toskala HAS to come out more.. leafs are good at watching the rebounds, he just needs to make the first save.