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    03 Jun '09
    10 Aug '16 05:47
    Anyone a Diaz or Connor fan will be in for a huge treat on August 20th. The main card is not exactly stacked with high profile names, but it does have a few. Cerrone will be fighting and although I do love watching his fights, it is confusing when he finally gets his shot at the title, he gets crushed. It was like he did not want to fight at all that night.

    I think he is the best in his division and It seems like it might have been nerves to me. Maybe he was sick or hurt? But that was not the way he fights. It was sad to watch. He has gone back to winning, and he loves to fight often.

    I think McGregor will give Nate a good fight, no adrenaline dump or nerves this time. He will not gas out in the first round. But I don't see him beating Nate. Connor is just to small for him. And unless he can beat him on his feet he cant win. Nate is a second degree world class Brazilian Black belt in Jiu Jitsu, learned from the Gracie legacy.

    Nobody is submitting him inside that cage. But it should be a great fight to watch this time around. It also seems like Nate is feeling easier about speaking in public and in front of the camera's. Which means less drama, and more money in Nate's pocket. Good for him. He has worked hard for it.

    Here is the link. If you go to this page, you will see an interview from Connor's coach, and the entire card from prelims and main card. A few great woman fights as well. They are amazing to watch, and in some cases more exciting as well.